The function of Board leadership is to produce better leaders. Not better followers

Board Advisory

At Munro, we have collectively many years of experience observing, reviewing and assessing the performance and effectiveness of Boardrooms across our specialist sectors. This is why we offer a deliberately niche service to support the Chairman and his or her team: a service which many of our clients would say has been the saving grace of their business.

We can do this in two ways: firstly, by carrying out a Board appraisal – defining roles and responsibilities and assessing how those are currently working. Secondly we spend time with, and can help appoint, non-exec directors who can bring a fresh and sometimes challenging perspective to the table.

Why are these methods successful? Because our sector knowledge and professional experience mean we gain the respect of the Board early on – we listen, we review, then we recommend, and the results can be surprising, compelling, possibly hard-hitting, but always remarkably effective.

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