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Professional Recruitment

There are times, particularly in the evolving and fast-moving sectors we specialise in, when a client needs top notch professional talent, and needs them to hit the ground running. Our agility and tendency to think outside the box, means we can anticipate pitfalls and swerve potential jams, because we know exactly who is going to fit, from a regional, national or international capacity. In short, we take the pain away and will sort out an interim MD or an entire project team – think of us as an extension of your HR department or indeed, your actual HR department if your business doesn’t have one – it’s what we’re here for.

At Munro we have developed a range of capabilities including:

  • Short term and interim cover
  • Multiple team hires
  • Campaign management
  • Talent pooling
  • One-off business critical recruitment (network search)

Both in isolation and combined, these capabilities are a godsend for many clients – especially if you’re up against the clock, have no spare capacity and don’t want to go to a generic agency which doesn’t understand your world.

We deliver the talent your organisation deserves.

Munro source talented, qualified, proven professionals who will strive to excell your business.
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