Senior Public Appointments

At Munro Consulting, we understand the significance of senior public appointments (which are often Ministerial appointments) to the Boards of public bodies. We recognise the crucial role they play in delivering the priorities of Ministers or the Parliament, whether it's through service delivery, scrutiny, or offering impartial and expert advice on specific topics.

We firmly believe that Boards of public bodies are most effective when they reflect the diverse range of perspectives and experiences present in the society they serve. Embracing equality and diversity is an essential aspect of our commitment to achieving outstanding results. Therefore, we help design attraction strategies that reach talented individuals from all backgrounds, acknowledging the value that a wide range of perspectives and insights can bring to these vital roles.

The best talent

Munro Consulting is hugely experienced in navigating the landscape of senior public appointments and is able to access a pool of exceptional candidates who will contribute to the success and effectiveness of public bodies. Together, we help to build a more inclusive and representative public sector for the benefit of all institutions in the country.

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